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So I want to upgrade my car and the thought of selling my beloved car drains me. To think of all the hassle i will need to go through. Dealing with all the phone calls and the sheer volumes of people coming to your house to view my pride and joy. We both know that the majority of them will be time wasters too. It is also worth me noting that there is a slight security risk. It has been known that thieves use it as an opportunity to scope out the car or your property before they come back to rob you while you’re asleep.
So what options does that give you. I see three.
The first is to sell it privately. the car will need to be cleaned and if there is any damage it is best to pay out now and get the vehicle fixed as it just creates scope for potential buyers to kick your tires and try and knock your price down. They will do this anyway but why give them reasons to start the price knockdown process.
Next you could trade it in against your new purchase at the garage if you are buying your new car from a garage, if not then this obviously need not apply. Now sometimes you get a really good deal as garages will give you more then your car is worth especially if your car is not sound mechanically. t€hey are not to fussed about the state of your vehicle as the money they give you for your car is taken from the profit in the new car sale but it is probably from the leeway they have structured into their pricing modules for new vehicles from head offices. So depending on the condition and your needs one of the two above methods may help. Ahoy there is one more, a fairly new system on the market and that is car buyers they are popping up everywhere. Now these guys offer you a fair price for your vehicles now I think that this is the new way to sell you car. You normally fill out a quote form listing all the details of your car and you could accompany some images. You get a quote sent by the car buying company. Something to note here is never accept the first offer as they do this for a living and understand the car buying process. ~the best thing about this car selling process is that they come to you collect your car and a large majority of them pay you in cash. Depending on your plans this is the method i would use to sell my car. I have got a great price for my old car. I did have to shop around though. I chose smaller car buying company that way I know that I am supporting local businesses and I didn’t have to deal with all the hassle of a private sale and the car dealers where not making even more from my new car purchase.
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