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Guide to getting your business online.
Important factors you must consider when building or commissioning your website.
It is very important that there is a lot of thought put into planning your website, if you fail to plan you are planning to fail. Below are 7 commonly forgotten factors that are included in successful websites.
Consistent Branding
It is really important that browsers who find you online know they have found you and not another similar company. Perhaps they have previously seen your sign written vehicles, uniforms, leaflets and other advertising. This familiarity installs confidence that you are a company who is established and is here to stay. Consistent branding is a trait of a professional company which maintains a high standard. 

Hugely overlooked is the importance of the images used on your webpages. A massive cliché is that a picture will say a 1000 words, what are the pictures saying about your company? Stock pictures can be purchased online which genuinely give a pretty faceless feel. People need to buy into you, your staff and your company. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures that really showcase you or your products. Low quality pictures will also reflect badly, you want your premises, products, portfolio etc. to look its best right? You have got to avoid pictures that give the wrong impression. People generally evaluate your website to decide if there staying or clicking back in the first few seconds. They won’t be readying your text in this time so there is a high weighting on the images to give the right first impression.

Calls to Action
Any sales person worth there salt will tell you that you need to ask for the sale. Very few fish jump into the net you need to encourage them in with a prompt. The same needs to happen on your website. There is no point in selling your service or product and falling at the last hurdle by not closing the deal. It needs to be obvious how to progress the sale with a call to action on every page at a minimum.

Text needs to be easily readable, interesting and relevant to the subject. Most people will turn off fairly easy and move onto your competition. Prioritise the information that is most important and make sure you place it prominently so attention can be grabbed quickly. Do not waffle on and lose your audience as this will not lead to business.

Company ethos – what makes you different?
So you are a builder? Imagine you’re in a room full of 50 builders and there is one customer standing in front of you. What will you say that will mean they will use you, why do you stand out from the rest? There are plenty of competitors on the internet you need to sell your unique selling points and quickly differentiate yourself from the rest.

Spelling mistakes can quickly lose your audiences confidence in you. Professional proof reading services are available online for people who struggle or would like a fresh set of eyes to view your site.

Concise message

As stated previously browsers will make their mind up almost immediately if they are going to click off your site. If you have the right look they will stay, you then need to quickly convey the message of what you do and why they want you. It is better to say you do 3 main services than list every service someone might possibly ever want.

Take your website very seriously. To get good results you need to put some time and energy into getting it right. Ultimately if you don’t you could have a website that reflects badly and could have a negative effect. Don’t make lazy mistakes and you will have a website that works for you.

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